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Wlodzimierz Cygan, artista polacco molto attivo nel campo della fiber art, già professore all'Institute of the architecture of textile art, descrive quello che per lui significa il termine di confine.

E' interessante la sua riflessione geo - politica, ricordando anni molto turbolenti per la Polonia, paese cuscinetto posto fra l'occidente e la porta d'oriente agitata dalla Russia, in anni in cui il comunismo era ancora fortemente saldo.
Per Cygan, i confini non sono in ogni caso da intendersi solo secondo una negativa accezione, ma anzi sono necessari per mettere dei punti obbligatori per potere vivere meglio.
Di seguito la sua intervista.

Whato does it mean for you the word border?
Any kind of determinant that signals that from this point on we are dealing with something different than before. It is often difficult to define, so it is mean rather pejorative.

How contemporary art helps to pass the border?
Art, if it can truly move, is the plane upon which the pejorative meaning of the boundaries may temporarily diminish or even obliterate. But in art there are boundaries as well. The art of moving even the most serious problems remains a conventional game from which the viewer can always turn off, stop participating - but sometimes she can help him overcome, break, revise his existing limits. For me as the artist, the most important thing is freedom, but that does not mean I'm against of every kind of borders.

Borderline is also a term used in psychiatry. Many people, today, are defined borderline. What do you think?
The boundaries have not only a pejorative sense. The need to establish them is one of the methods of protection against both external and internal threats. Without their outline it is impossible to grasp the world.

What do you think about the new political course of the world governed by the right wing?
In Polish, the word border has as many meanings as in other European languages and I understand them as well. Well remember the days when this word was associated mainly with the boundaries between states. Certain meanings are invoked according to the context of life. Today I associate it with the split that affected our society and country. The invisible boundary divides the followers of two different political concepts. The divisions are so drastic that they bounce on the everyday relationships and even the family. Each group has its own media, its sense of the rule of law and morality. Affiliation with an "inadequate" group can have consequences both in private and professional life. We are concerned that such phenomena take place in other countries of the world. My concept of boundaries of freedom is threatened by right-wing governments. The border as the axis of disputes in Poland is dangerously shifted, raising the question: how far can one go to cause an explosion?

What do you thonk about our exhibition and its artistic goal?
Talking It is necessary and worthy, exchanging views, and sometimes changing your mind. Every occasion is good. In the concept of Miniartextil I value the assumption that these small formats are leading the way and are a pretext for getting selected large formats. It is also valuable to ask artists for their credo and sentence on important issues.